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Hebrews to Revelation

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NT 250
Dr. Dan Doriani

A study of the general letters and Revelation, with an emphasis on application to contemporary concerns.

Course Sessions
Session Title Media Type Status
Lesson 01: Introduction Audio
Lesson 02: The Setting of Early Christianity Audio
Lesson 03: Hebrews: Introduction Audio
Lesson 04: Hebrews 1: Jesus, Prophets, and Angels Audio
Lesson 05: Hebrews 2: Jesus Our Empathetic Hero Audio
Lesson 06: Hebrews 3-4: Jesus Our Faithful High Priest Audio
Lesson 07: Hebrews 5-6: Apostasy and Perseverance Audio
Lesson 08: Hebrews 7-10: The Priesthood of Christ Audio
Lesson 09: Hebrews 10-13: The Life of Faith Audio
Lesson 10: Hebrews: Conclusion; James: Introduction Audio
Lesson 11: James 1: The Trials of Life Audio
Lesson 12: James 2: Good Works Demonstrate True Religion Audio
Lesson 13: James 2-5: Justification in James Audio
Lesson 14: James 3-5: Rhetorical Analysis and Structure Audio
Lesson 15: Course Review and Overview Audio
Lesson 16: 1 Peter: Introduction and Holiness Audio
Lesson 17: 1 Peter: Corporate Holiness and Persecution Audio
Lesson 18: Jude Audio
Lesson 19: 1 Peter: Spiritual Gifts Audio
Lesson 20: 1, 2, and 3 John: Introduction Audio
Lesson 21: Revelation: Introduction--Part 1 Audio
Lesson 22: Revelation: Introduction--Part 2 Audio
Lesson 23: Speaking With Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses Audio
Lesson 24: Revelation 1-3: Prologue and Letters to Seven Churches Audio
Lesson 25: Revelation 4-7: Worship, Scrolls, and Seals Audio
Lesson 26: Revelation 8-11: Trumpet Warnings Audio
Lesson 27: Revelation 12: Vision of Woman, Child, and Dragon Audio
Lesson 28: Revelation 12-16: The Unholy Trinity Audio
Lesson 29: Revelation 15-19: Bowls of Wrath, Babylon Audio
Lesson 30: Revelation 19-22: The Millenium and the New Jerusalem Audio
Lesson 31: Pastoral Epistles: Introduction Audio
Lesson 32: Pastoral Epistles: Context; The Heart of Paul's Message; Introduction to 1 Timothy 2 Audio
Lesson 33: 1 Timothy 2: Proper Role Relationships Wthin the Church Audio
Lesson 34: 1 Timothy 3: The Character of Elders and Deacons Audio
Lesson 35: 1 Timothy 4: The Use of Material Things Audio
Lesson 36: 2 Timothy 1-2 Survey Audio