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Life & Teachings of Jesus

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NT 220
Dr. Dan Doriani

A study of the life and teachings of Jesus, with a special emphasis on the work of salvation that He accomplished. The class examines the historical setting of Jesus' ministry and the special emphasis of each Gospel.

Course Sessions
Session Title Media Type Status
Lesson 01: The Story; The Historicity of the Gospels Audio
Lesson 02: The Reliability of the Gospels; Palestine Audio
Lesson 03: Traits of Matthew Audio
Lesson 04: Themes in Matthew Audio
Lesson 05: The Temptation Audio
Lesson 06: Kingdom Ethics and the Sermon on Mount Audio
Lesson 07: The Sermon on the Mount--Part 1 Audio
Lesson 08: The Sermon on the Mount--Part 2 Audio
Lesson 09: The Sermon on the Mount--Part 3 Audio
Lesson 10: Jesus' Miracles Audio
Lesson 11: Preaching and Teaching the Miracles--Part 1 Audio
Lesson 12: Preaching and Teaching the Miracles--Part 2 Audio
Lesson 13: Kingdom Proclamation and Response Audio
Lesson 14: Conflict with the Jews Audio
Lesson 15: The Parables--Part 1 Audio
Lesson 16: The Parables--Part 2 Audio
Lesson 17: The Parables of Luke 11-12; Prayer Audio
Lesson 18: The Parables--Part 3 Audio
Lesson 19: Preaching or Teaching Parables Audio
Lesson 20: Transition to the Training of Disciples Audio
Lesson 21: Community Life Audio
Lesson 22: Matthew 19-20: Commitment to Kingdom Audio
Lesson 23: The Deity of Christ in the Synoptic Gospels Audio
Lesson 24: The Final Week: Jerusalem and the Temple Audio
Lesson 25: The Final Week Audio
Lesson 26: Final Teachings: Matthew 24-25 Audio
Lesson 27: Jesus' Prophecy in Matthew 24 Audio
Lesson 28: Gethsemane; The Arrest and Trial of Jesus Audio
Lesson 29: The Crucifixion and Death of Jesus Audio
Lesson 30: The Resurrection and its Meaning Audio
Lesson 31: Introduction to Mark Audio
Lesson 32: The Theology of Mark Audio
Lesson 33: Themes in Luke--Part 1 Audio
Lesson 34: Themes in Luke--Part 2 Audio
Lesson 35: Themes in Luke--Part 3 Audio
Lesson 36: Introduction to John Audio
Lesson 37: The Gospel of John--Part 1 Audio
Lesson 38: The Gospel of John--Part 2 Audio