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New Testament History & Theology

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NT 216
David Chapman

Survey of the cultural context and major themes of New Testament teaching, with particular focus on the death and resurrection of Christ and its implications for the believer's faith and life.

Course Sessions
Session Title Media Type Status
Lesson 01: Introduction Audio
Lesson 02: The Interpretive Process: How do we Know that we Know? Audio
Lesson 03:The Interpretive Process, Continued Audio
Lesson 04: History and Methodology of New Testament Theology Audio
Lesson 05: History and Methodology, Continued Audio
Lesson 06: Orthodoxy and Heresy: Canon and New Testament Theology Audio
Lesson 07: Canon, Continued Audio
Lesson 08: Anno Domini: The First Century and the Context(s) of the New Testament Audio
Lesson 09: First Century, Continued Audio
Lesson 10: First Century, Continued Audio
Lesson 11: The Accursed Cross: Crucifixion in the First Century Audio
Lesson 12: Crucifixion, Continued Audio
Lesson 13: Old Testament, Redemptive History, and the Death of the Messiah Audio
Lesson 14: Old Testament and Redemptive History, Continued Audio
Lesson 15: Behold the Man: Contemporary Historical Jesus Research; "Crucify Him!": The Historical Accuracy of the Trial of Jesus Audio
Lesson 16: This is My Body: Jesus' Self-Understanding and His Death Audio
Lesson 17: The Resurrection of Christ and the History of Redemption Audio
Lesson 18: Gospels, Continued Audio
Lesson 19: Emphases in the Gospels: Why do We Have Four? Audio
Lesson 20: The Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God: Theological Themes in Mark Audio
Lesson 21: All that Jesus Began to do and Teach: Theological Themes in Luke-Acts Audio
Lesson 22: Luke-Acts, Continued Audio
Lesson 23: In Order that You May Believe: Johannine Theology Audio
Lesson 24: John, 1 John, and the Book of Revelation Audio
Lesson 25: I am Not Ashamed of the Gospel: Paul and His Gospel; Toward a Theology: The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus, the Christ Audio