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Old Testament History

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OT 230
Phil Long

Explore the historical books of the Old Testament -- Joshua, Judges, Samuel and Kings -- including a brief look at the Pentateuch. Students will gain valuable insight into how to study and learn from these books of the Old Testament.

Course Sessions
Session Title Media Type Status
Lesson 01A: Introduction Audio
Lesson 01B: Introduction (continued) Audio
Lesson 02: Why Study OT History? I Audio
Lesson 03: Why Study OT History? II Audio
Lesson 04: Interpreting Historical Books, I Audio
Lesson 05: Interpreting Historical Books, II Audio
Lesson 06: Interpreting Historical Books, III Audio
Lesson 07: Israel's Early History, I Audio
Lesson 08: Israel's Early History, II; Joshua Audio
Lesson 09: Joshua: God's Conquest, I Audio
Lesson 10: Joshua: God's Conquest, II Audio
Lesson 11: Joshua: God's Conquest, III Audio
Lesson 12: Judges: Israel's Compromise, I Audio
Lesson 13: Judges: Israel's Compromise, II Audio
Lesson 14: Holy War Audio
Lesson 15: The Emergence of Israel in Canaan Audio
Lesson 16: Rise and Fall of King Saul, I Audio
Lesson 17: Rise and Fall of King Saul, II Audio
Lesson 18: Rise and Fall of King Saul, III Audio
Lesson 19: Rise and Fall of King Saul, IV Audio
Lesson 20: Rise and Fall of King Saul, V Audio
Lesson 21: David's Rise, Saul's Demise, I Audio
Lesson 22: David's Rise, Saul's Demise, II Audio
Lesson 23: David's Rise, Saul's Demise, III Audio
Lesson 24: David's Rise, Saul's Demise, IV Audio
Lesson 25: David's Sin and Consequences Audio
Lesson 26: Art of Biblical History, I Audio
Lesson 27: Art of Biblical History, II Audio
Lesson 28: Solomon and His Wisdom, I Audio
Lesson 29: Solomon and His Wisdom, II Audio
Lesson 30: Solomon and His Wisdom, III Audio
Lesson 31: Solomon, IV; Divided Kingdom, I Audio
Lesson 32: Divided Kingdom, II Audio
Lesson 33: Elijah Audio
Lesson 34: Synoptic OT Histories, I Audio
Lesson 35: Synoptic OT Histories, II Audio
Lesson 36: Ezra - Nehemiah Audio