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Reformation & Modern Church History

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CH 320
David Calhoun

The study of Christianity from the Reformation to the present, with source material readings. In this course Dr. Calhoun helps the student understand the development of Christian thought and apply church history to contemporary ideas and issues. The course also includes a brief overview of historic revivals and world missions.

Course Sessions
Session Title Media Type Status
Lesson 01: Introduction to Reformation and Modern Church History Audio
Lesson 02: The Context of the Reformation Audio
Lesson 03: Erasmus and the Humanists Audio
Lesson 04: The Life of Martin Luther Audio
Lesson 05: Luther's "Theology of the Cross" Audio
Lesson 06: The Life and Theology of Ulrich Zwingli Audio
Lesson 07: The Radicals of the Reformation Audio
Lesson 08: The Life of John Calvin Audio
Lesson 09: The Theology of Calvin Audio
Lesson 10: The English Reformation Audio
Lesson 11: John Knox and the Scottish Reformation Audio
Lesson 12: The Catholic Reformation Audio
Lesson 13: The Results of the Protestant Reformation Audio
Lesson 14: The Anglicans Audio
Lesson 15: The Puritans Audio
Lesson 16: The Scottish Presbyterians Audio
Lesson 17: The Church in the Netherlands Audio
Lesson 18: The Westminster Assembly Audio
Lesson 19: Calvinism in the New World Audio
Lesson 20: Protestant Orthodoxy Audio
Lesson 21: Brother Lawrence and Blaise Pascal Audio
Lesson 22: The Enlightenment and Romanticism Audio
Lesson 23: Pietism and Bach Audio
Lesson 24: The Evangelical Revival in Great Britain Audio
Lesson 25: The Great Awakening in America Audio
Lesson 26: The Life and Theology of Jonathan Edwards Audio
Lesson 27: The Second Great Awakening in America Audio
Lesson 28: Missions in "the Great Century" Audio
Lesson 29: The Black Church in America Audio
Lesson 30: Calvinism in Nineteenth-Century America Audio
Lesson 31: Nineteenth-Century England Audio
Lesson 32: Nineteenth-Century Scotland Audio
Lesson 33: Nineteenth-Century Europe Audio
Lesson 34: The Expansion of Calvinism Audio
Lesson 35: Christianity and Liberalism Audio
Lesson 36: The Roman Catholic Church in the Modern World Audio
Lesson 37: Eastern Orthodoxy Audio