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Spirit, Church & Last Things

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ST 240
Robert A Peterson

Biblical teaching on the person and ministries of God, the Holy Spirit, the nature and purpose of the Church, the return of Christ, and the eternal state. The class also includes material on the doctrine of election and the sacraments (baptism and the Lord's Supper.)

Course Sessions
Session Title Media Type Status
Lesson 01: The Person of the Holy Spirit, I Audio
Lesson 02: The Person of the Holy Spirit, II Audio
Lesson 03: The Person of the Holy Spirit, III Audio
Lesson 04: The Fruit of the Spirit Audio
Lesson 05: Gifts of the Holy Spirit Audio
Lesson 06: Romans 8:28-30: Called Audio
Lesson 07: Ephesians 1:3-14: Chosen, I Audio
Lesson 08: Ephesians 1:3-14: Chosen, II Audio
Lesson 09: Discussion: Berkhof's "Systematic Theology" Audio
Lesson 10: Romans 9-11: Election in Salvation History, I Audio
Lesson 11: Romans 9-11: Election in Salvation History, II Audio
Lesson 12: Discussion: R.C. Sproul's "Chosen by God" Audio
Lesson 13: Systematic Summary of Election, I Audio
Lesson 14: Systematic Summary of Election, II Audio
Lesson 15: Doctrine of the Church: Nature of the Church Audio
Lesson 16: Doctrine of the Church: Historical Theology Audio
Lesson 17: Doctrine of the Church: Marks Audio
Lesson 18: Doctrine of the Church: Attributes, I Audio
Lesson 19: Doctrine of the Church: Attributes, II Audio
Lesson 20: Doctrine of the Church: Service Audio
Lesson 21: Discussion: Edmund Clowney's "The Church" Audio
Lesson 22: Doctrine of the Church: Government and Presbyterianism Audio
Lesson 23: Doctrine of the Church: Offices Audio
Lesson 24: Discussion: Berkhof's "Systematic Thelogy" Audio
Lesson 25: Means of Grace: Word and Sacraments, I Audio
Lesson 26: Means of Grace: Word and Sacraments, II Audio
Lesson 27: Means of Grace: Historical Views of Baptism Audio
Lesson 28: Means of Grace: Baptism Audio
Lesson 29: Means of Grace: The Lord's Supper Audio
Lesson 30: Means of Grace: Prayer Audio
Lesson 31: Last Things: "Already" and "Not Yet" Audio
Lesson 32: Last Things: The Second Coming Audio
Lesson 33: Last Things: Signs of the Times Audio
Lesson 34: Last Things: The Millenium Audio
Lesson 35: Last Things: Dispensationalism and the Rapture Audio
Lesson 36: Discussion: Hoekema's "The Bible and the Future" Audio
Lesson 37: Last Things: The Resurrection Body Audio
Lesson 38: The Eternal State Audio