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A Biblical Theology of Suffering, Disability, and the Church

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BE 547

A study of the biblical meanings and purposes of suffering, with theological reflections and application to various aspects of suffering and disability-related ministries. The course includes a number of guest lecturers, including Joni Eareckson.

Course Sessions
Session Title Media Type Status
BE547-01-01 - Greetings from Dr. Waters Video
BE547-01-03 - It Is Well Video
BE547-01-05 - Theme and Purpose of the Pentateuch Part 1 Video
BE547-01-06 - Who are the Disabled? Video
BE547-01-07 - Siebels' Story Part 1 Video
BE547-01-08 - Siebels' Story Part 2 Video
BE547-01-09 - Who are the Disabled Concluded Video
BE547-01-10 - How Do we Do Disability Ministry? Part 1 Video
BE547-01-11 - How Do we Do Disability Ministry? Part 2 Video
BE547-02-01 - Worship in Signing Video
BE547-02-02 - DNA of the Church Part 1 Video
BE547-02-03 - DNA of the Church Part 2 Video
BE547-02-04 - DNA of the Church Q & A Part 1 Video
BE547-02-05 - DNA of the Church Q & A Part 2 Video
BE547-02-06 - Introduction to Disability Inreach/Outreach Video
BE547-02-07 - Why is a Church-based Disability Ministry Needed? Video
BE547-02-08 - What Can We Learn From the Disabled About Ministry to the Suffering? Video
BE547-02-09 - What Does it Mean to ‘Witness by Suffering Well’”? Video
BE547-03-01 - Intro to a Biblical Theology of Suffering Video
BE547-03-02 - Perfect Creation and Suffering in the Fall Video
BE547-03-03 - Suffering and Consequences of the Fall Video
BE547-03-04 - Suffering in the Rest of Genesis Video
BE547-03-05 - Suffering in the Rest of the Pentateuch Video
BE547-03-06 - Suffering in the Former Prophets Part 1 Video
BE547-03-07 - Suffering in the Former Prophets Part 2 Video
BE547-03-08 - Suffering in the Writing Prophets Part 1 Video
BE547-03-09 - Suffering in the Writing Prophets Part 2 Video
BE547-04-01 - Psalms and Wisdom Literature Video
BE547-04-02 - Acquainted With Suffering Video
BE547-04-03 - Proverbs and Qohelet Video
BE547-04-04 - Psalms of Lament Video
BE547-04-05 - Psalm 22 Video
BE547-04-06 - Introduction to the Book of Job Video
BE547-04-07 - The Undeserved Suffering of Job Video
BE547-04-08 - Faulty Thinking About Suffering from Job’s Friends Video
BE547-04-09 - Elihu’s Response to Job Video
BE547-04-10 - God’s Response to Job and Conclusion Video