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Principles of Human Development

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CFD 155
Dr. Jim Meyer
Missouri State University

General Education Course (Self-Understanding/Social-Behavioral Perspective). Basic principles that govern human development from the prenatal period to death; developmental tasks and interrelations of family members through the life span.

Course Sessions
Session Title Media Type Status
Lecture 01 - Key Terms and Concepts Video
Lecture 02 - Key Terms and Concepts II and Theories Video
Lecture 03 - Theories II Video
Lecture 04 - Prenatal Development Video
Lecture 05 - Prenatal Dev. II/Neonatal Period/Physical Development Video
Lecture 06 - Brain Development Video
Lecture 07 - Cognitive Development: Sensorimotor Stage Video
Lecture 08 - Attachment Video
Lecture 09 - Father's Role/Emotional Development: First Years Video
Lecture 10 - Early Childhood: Physical Development Video
Lecture 11 - Early Childhood: Common Characteristics Video
Lecture 12 - Early Childhood: Cognitive Development Video
Lecture 13 - Early Childhood: Cognitive Dev. II/Social Development Video
Lecture 14 - Early Childhood: Social Dev. II/Emotional Development Video
Lecture 15 - Self Concept/Middle Childhood Introduction Video
Lecture 16 - Mid. Childhood Dev. Tasks/Outward Pushes/Physical Dev. Video
Lecture 17 - Mid. Childhood Physical Dev. II/Cognitive Dev./Emotional Dev. Video
Lecture 18 - Mid. Childhood Emotional Dev./Social Development Video
Lecture 19 - Mid. Childhood Social Dev. II Video
Lecture 20 - Adolescence Developmental Tasks/Physical Development Video
Lecture 21 - Adolescence Physical Dev. II/Cognitive Development Video
Lecture 22 - Adolescence Cognitive Dev. II/Identity/Self-esteem Video
Lecture 23 - Adolescence Self-esteem II/Peer Relationships Video
Lecture 24 - Parenting Styles/Parent Adolescent Relationships Video
Lecture 25 - Parent Adoles. II/Young Adult Dev. Tasks/Physical Development Video
Lecture 26 - Young Adult Physical Dev. II/Cognitive Development Video
Lecture 27 - Young Adult Cognitive Dev. II/Marriage Video
Lecture 28 - Transition to Parenthood Video
Lecture 29 - Mid. Adulthood Dev. Tasks/Physical Development Video
Lecture 30 - Mid. Adulthood Physical Dev. II/Social Development Video
Lecture 31 - Mid. Adulthood Social Dev. II Video
Lecture 32 - Middle Adulthood Emotional Development Video
Lecture 33 - Intro to Aging with Guest Speaker Dr. Bradley Fisher Video
Lecture 34 - Late Adulthood Overview/Dev. Tasks/Myths/Physical Development Video
Lecture 35 - Late Adulthood Phys. Dev. II/Mental Health/Emotional Dev. Video
Lecture 36 - Late Adulthood Emotional Dev. II/Social Development Video
Lecture 37 - Late Adulthood Social Dev. II/Successful Aging/Death & Dying Video
Lecture 38 - Death and Dying II Video