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MATH 110
Course Sessions
Session Title Media Type Status
Add subtract expressions involving algebraic radicals Video
Add subtract expressions involving numeric radicals Video
Apply the Pythagorean Theorem Video
Approximate a square root Video
Choose the appropriate method for solving a system Video
Complete the square for a trinomial Video
Create and make a prediction from a line graph Video
Determine if 2 ln are parallel or perpendicular Video
Distinguish between rational and irrat numbers Video
Divide expressions involving radicals Video
Evaluate cube and fourth roots Video
Evaluate expressions and functions Video
Express the eq of a line as a linear function Video
Factor binomials and trinomials Video
Find solution for equation in 2 variables Video
Find the axis of symmetry of a parabola Video
Find the slope and y intercept from eq Video
Find the slope of a line from its graph Video
Find the slope through two points Video
Find the slopes of vertical and horizontal lines Video
Find the x intercepts of a parabola Video
Give coordinates of pts in a plane Video
Given two points find the equation of a line Video
Graph by plotting, intercept or by solving for y Video
Graph a linear function Video
Graph a linear inequality in two variables Video
Graph a quadratic equation by plotting pts Video
Graph a system of linear inequalities Video
Graph pts to set of ordered pairs Video
Multiply expressions involving radical expressions Video
Read interpret a graph, pie chart, bar graph, line graph Video
Simpify expressions involving numeric radicals Video
Simplify expressions involving algebraic radicals Video
Simplify Rational Expressions Video
Solve a consistent system of linear equations Video
Solve a dep system of linear eq by graphing Video
Solve a quadratic eq by completing the sq Video
Solve an equation containing a radical Video
solve an inconsistent system of lin eq by graphing Video
Solve applic of systems of lin eq or ineq Video
Solve applications involving quadratic eqs Video
Solve applications of slope intercept eq Video
Solve Equations and Inequal Video
Solve equations of the form (x-h)^2=k Video
Solve equations of the form ax^2=k Video
Solve system of lin eq using addition method Video
Solve systems of lin eq using the sub method Video
The language of algebra Video
Use exponents and polynomials to solve problems Video
Use radical notation to represent roots Video
Use the distance formula between two points Video
Use the quadratic formula to solve a quad eq Video
Use the slope and y intercept to graph a line Video
Write a quadratic equation in standard form Video
Write the eq of a line given slope and y intercept Video